Fertile ground for cyber attacks was the year 2020. Therefore, the cybersecurity company ESET presented the top 5 malwares in 2020. The company analyzed 5 malicious software, based on research carried out throughout the year. Including its threat report for the last quarter of the year. Following this research, ESET identified the most common threats in 2020.

It is no secret that the pandemic had side effects. One of them was the virtual attacks. As Internet traffic increased considerably, cyber-criminals perfected their strategies. The lack of cyber-security professionals in the world is now evident. As a result, constant threats are emerging in cyberspace, and below we present the main threats of 2020 according to ESET:

Top 5 of common malwares in 2020 according to ESET

Malicious Torrents

KryptoCibules is a family of malware that uses cryptomers and hijacks clipboards. In this way, it steals crypto currencies and filters out related files. This type of malware was discovered last September. Camilo Gutiérrez, head of the ESET Latin America Research Laboratory, provided the information.

Android Threats

The threat of “hidden applications” consists of malicious apps disguised as games or useful apps. When downloaded, these applications hide their icons and throw messages that cover the screen of the devices. This type of malware reached the top of the list during the last three quarters of the year.

Threats from IoT

The Internet of Things is not fully developed. Likewise, with practically no security. This is why cyber-criminals find IoT an easy place to launch attacks.Furthermore, threats travel quickly across networks. Networks to which devices are connected. So by infecting them with malicious bots, they can launch a massive attack.

Malware for Mac

2020 began with an attack on Kattana, a retail app that distributes MAC devices. Cyber-criminals copied and Trojanized the app, inserting malware and stealing information from computers. Consequently, they stole crypto wallets, screenshots and cookies from the browser.

Malicious emails

Attacks are carried out by malicious software via email. This form of threat became popular at the end of the year. The most frequent detection in 2020 was due to vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office.

Common malware of 2020
ESET identified the most common threats in 2020

These were the main threats in 2020 according to ESET. Other attacks were frequent, such as phishing and ransomware. With the increase in threats, the need to increase online security is greater. Similarly, computers need to be secured with proven antivirus software. Especially when the 2021 horizon for cyber security does not look promising. Checkout Best Antimalware software.

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