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  • Desktop screen is completely black and all I see is my cursor, please help.

    I turn on my PC and it beeps 1 time, loads up fine however when i go to get into the desktop screen it is completely black and all i see is my cursor, i think it has to do with the beep or windows itself but not really sure, I’ve tried troubleshooting command prompt and system restore nothing works

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    Thanks for providing the system information. Please give me a bit more time to arrange  explorer.exe default file and how-to copy instructions. I think you should do this last trick before buying the CD.

    Windows Repair from the CD is not the sureshot solution, because many times it doesn’t work.


    Hi @Koda,

    Sorry for the delay. I was preparing a how-to replace guide for you. Actually I have made a video tutorial for that. So here is the default explorer.exe download file for Windows 7 64bit, click here to download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tu0d9pyn626ibnv/explorer.exe

    Here’s a video tutorial to learn how to replace the explorer file with the default one: https://youtu.be/WYf6Pb2YdTk

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    thanks so much 🙂 im checking if it works,

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