The virtual continent is evolving rapidly. So are threats and cyber attacks. Defence mechanisms must therefore adapt to this evolution. This is why Bitdefender presents a new EDR solution. Mainly designed for managed service providers (MSP) and business clients.

Businesses and MSPs struggle to keep pace with an onslaught of attacks as cybercriminals work diligently to capitalize on the industry’s shift to less secure remote work environments for the foreseeable future

Gavin Hill, vice president of marketing the Bitdefender products.

Bitdefender is a Romanian threat intelligence and cyber security company. The company was born two decades ago and protects more than 500 million companies. This year the company presented several products that preceded the latter. In July and September 2020 it launched MDR services and packages for MSP. With these, MPS take advantage of Bitdefender’s Security Operations Center (SOC) to identify, detect and control threats. Subsequently, the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) packages for MSP offered 24/7 monitoring, analysis, threat intelligence and other security capabilities. Helping its customers to identify and neutralize cyber threats.

New features added

The new EDR package is resource-light and fully cloud-delivered for easy deployment and management and runs alongside third-party prevention technologies. Unique in the EDR space, it combines endpoint telemetry and human risk analytics with the advanced threat detection capabilities that have made Bitdefender a recognized endpoint security leader. The detection capabilities enable quick visibility into vulnerable systems on premise or in cloud environments, and offer one-click actions to mitigate risks including quarantining files, blocking IP addresses and killing processes.

Gavin Hill, vice president of marketing the Bitdefender products.

This service brings as a primary innovation that the solution is also delivered through the cloud. Facilitating the execution and administration of this solution. In addition, Bitdefender offers Bitdefender EDR as a standalone product. Likewise, it can be used in combination with other cyber security technologies.

However, the latter was not the only novelty. Along with the new launch of Bitdefender EDR, the company announced the strengthening of its GravityZone platform. In this way, it feeds its catalogue of solutions for companies. Consequently, this enhancement includes: new executive control panel, improved SIEM integration, and ransomware mitigation. This solution implies for companies an improvement in the ability to detect and eradicate threats as they occur.

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