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How to Remove SrchSafe.com Homepage (Removal Help)

Question I need to know the proper method to remove SrchSafe.com from my computer. It is still there in Internet explorer. How to Remove SrchSafe.com from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Solved Answer SrchSafe.com, it’s a type of usually unwanted adware which is actually called a browser hijacker. This ...

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How to Choose the right VPN Service Provider?

How to choose best privacy protection

In the year 2015, several security-minded coders realized that Hola, a free VPN service, was selling the bandwidth of its users to the highest bidders. In other words, some people were using your internet connection to conduct illegal businesses. Therefore, you should cursory level research. Check the VPN’s reputation and ...

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What is VPN and How it is Helpful in Privacy Protection

Internet Privacy Protection

What is VPN? A VPN, which means Virtual Private Network in full, is a technology used in networking.  It creates a secure network connection over a private network owned by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a public network such as the Internet. Bodies such as educational institutions, large corporations, ...

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Cyber Security and the Networked World

Cyber Security & the Networked World

Cyber security can simply be defined as the protection of computer systems from the damage or theft to the software, hardware, the information they contain, and also from misdirection or disruption of the services they provide. It incorporates protecting against the harm that may come through network access and control ...

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How to Remove Search.searchfreedm.com Homepage (Removal Help)

Question I got Search.searchfreedm.com on my Firefox. I checked the settings but all go good don’t know where is stick. Please help me how to remove Search.searchfreedm.com from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox? Solved Answer Searchfreedm.com is a browser hijacker, which means it’s a type of adware. It can’t ...

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How to Remove Secure-finder.com Homepage (Removal Help)

Question Did not eliminate Secure-finder.com. it still is on my computer and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Deletes what it should then i open chrome Secure-finder.com still there begins reinfection all over again wow. Please help! How to remove Secure-finder.com from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla ...

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