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Thank you for using Adware Removal Tool !!

We need your valuable feedback to improve our tool’s quality.
Scroll down this page and leave your feedback here.

Giveaway1:- Email our tool’s first scan logs at info@techsupportall.com and get $5 Gift into your PayPal account. Please mention your paypal email address as well.
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Must leave your feedback if the tool didn’t work. If our tool worked, so please consider to make a small donation for help us to continue our fight against adwares attack. Click here for make a donation.



  1. Nice Tool. Cleaned mine nicely!

  2. TSA Adware Removal Tool: Optiplex Desktop Windows 10. The tool identifies the “My Way” spook and after the scan, says it deletes it. however, I then get a flag on my desktop that states this “:spook:” is trying to change my home page and sure enough, it succeeds. I run the tool again and it finds the spook, deletes it and we do it all over again.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us,

      We’ll help you to remove “myway” from your computer. Could provide our tool’s scan logs at info@techsupportall.com which is located in following locations. And after that we can give solution of this problem:

      “C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”


      Your Message:

  3. Tried your directions for myway uninstall.
    I can not find “Internet Explorer” on my computer.
    I have Windows 10, but no “Internet Explore”r.
    If “Edge” is the new explorer (or browser), you do not refer to that.
    I tried”Edge”, anyway, but no tools ?
    You always refer to F10, however that does nothing ?

    • In Edge browser there is no automative tool to fix it. You have to do it manually. But you can do one thing, you can reset your edge browser using our tool’s reset edge button.

  4. Hello,

    The tool failed to remove omnibox from my browser. Do you have other solutions?

    • We have added some more traces of omniboxes into our adware definitoin. We request you to please run our tool once more, it should work this time. Please let us know again if it doesn’t work. Thanks

  5. thanks for your help

  6. Thank you for your support, it was excellent great customer service (Paul Rana)

  7. Excellent tool. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi,

    Nice tool clear my issue

  9. thank you 🙂

  10. everything ok, worked beautifully

  11. you did not find the malware that I searched on and your web site came up and declared it could remove. 100sofrecipes under MYway.

  12. The scan did not find the Search MyWay

  13. Haven’t checked anything out yet but i loved my tech support man. He was awesome and fabulous.

  14. Very good !!!

    Remove 2345.com Homepage successfully .

    Thanks so much !!!

  15. Thanks delete the russian ads and trojan virus i will keep it in my pc for future problems.. Thanks again 🙂

  16. Stanley Kenton Marks

    I Hope this works. The adds were hidden in the links I usually go to. It was very annoying.

  17. Great tools

  18. I forgot all about Adware. I am glad that I remembered it when I needed it. Works great!

  19. It seems to have done what it’s supposed to do. I’ll know better as i continue to navigate.
    In the mean time, Thanks.

  20. thanks very good

  21. You guys made an awesome tool. It fixed what Norton couldn´t fix. Thanks for deleting Piesearch.
    My understanding of Software is not high and good enough to give you more valuable feedback. Everything worked fine though 🙂

  22. awesome tool worked great!!!!!!

  23. Thank you, supper great !

  24. You are the best. This one cleaned it direct.

  25. You rock… the best tool… save my day…

  26. Amazing 😀

  27. Excellent tool. Thank you.

  28. Thank you for an easy clean up process!

  29. Hello from Athens,
    Unfortunately it did not clean Tortux from Firefox. There is no Reset button in Firefox but a Refresh one that did not do the job.
    It did find other problems that did clean up.

  30. Very Helpfull saved me many times

  31. Jim Stevens AKA: Putz

    Worked GREAT for me..Deleted 29 problems first time…..

    Best of all you pay what you can afford or think the program is worth to you.

    HOWEVER, its dumb to put the comment box at the bottom of such a long page!!!

  32. This is a excelent tool what you have done the only thing that I found a little wrong is that mean while is searching for files (scanning) the stop button stay with focus making that if I use the space key for wake up the screen it stop scanning you should ask again if I really want to stop it or if was a mistake or maybe stay focus in other object tan stop scanning sorry if it was already posted but I´m in a hurry so I coun´t read the other posts


  33. This Tool doesn’t remove the browser hijacker http://www.trotux.com ^(http://www.trotux.com). Thes Webpage is opened automaticly when starting Firfox.

  34. it worked and solved my problems thank you very much great tool <3

  35. Tool doesn’t remove Bing problem from Chrome. So it doesn’t work with me. Sad.

  36. Excellent tool. Worked to perfection!

  37. thanx very much

  38. Thank you. Nicely done, ladies and gentlemen.

  39. this is amazing…….thanks tsa team…after all i rrelax

  40. best thanks to TSA team

  41. thanks, it seems worked

  42. great tool… thanks

  43. Well done. Thanks for help !

  44. works very well. I’m happy with it.

  45. Like RAID for the internet.

  46. Thank you so much…its a great help!

  47. It is an awesome app to easily get rid of unwanted adware.

  48. I don’t see how to email the first scan logs. I did not save the first scan logs, because I had closed it before I read that we could do this. My review – as far as I know it worked well. This was recommended to me by a reputable firm.

    • Simply go to following locations and attached all the scan logs (.txt files) files which is located in reports folder, and then send us that email to info@techsupportall.com.
      “C:\Program Files\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adware Removal Tool by TSA\Reports\”


  49. Margaret L Johnson

    Your program removed a program that Control panel did not show.l Thank you.

  50. I just finished this…don’t yet know how effective it is.

  51. I did and it disappeared?????

  52. Didn´t work. I still have reimage repair opening in my browser.

  53. Rakshith S Shetty

    great software it was very helpful ..

  54. 9o0gle.com comes on again after deletion. How to delete it permanetely?

  55. wonderful and free , you are legends, cheers

  56. hey i have used this many times before and as usual you have saved my ass once again from these idiots ot there trying to invade your space and basically using aggressive tactics to gain what ever it is there trying to gain…ty again…

  57. Thanks. I now feel good.

  58. Thanks…still testing.

  59. This tool is a god send to an old geezer like myself, who wandered into a trap set by unscrupulous persons. Good Karma will find you.

  60. Very effective and efficient! Thanks a lot. I hope you continue your great works.

  61. thanks a lot 🙂

  62. Works great for all I know.

  63. It worked until I turned on my pc this morning. they’re right back.

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