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We proudly introduce our “Adware Removal Tool”. It’s specially designed to remove Ad-wares. This tool is developed by www.techsupportall.com team. It’s a Freeware tool. This tool can remove most of the Adwares from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and from registry as well.

Adware Removal Tool is completely free of charge tool. Actually it’s based on donation. So please consider to do some contribution after solve your issue. Thanks

For any technical help:- Please contact us for any additional help at our official email address info@techsupportall.com. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Click here to download latest version of Adware Removal Tool.


How to use Adware Removal Tool.
How to use “Undo Repair” option to restore Google Chrome & Firefox as like before.


We need your valuable Feedback.

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  1. very good

  2. Fantastic! Thanks

  3. jovelino junior

    VERY GOOD……………………….

  4. For a year i tried to get rid of some ads and toolbars from my pc and i couldn’t!!!!! With your program i got rid them!!! Thank u so much!!!

  5. This is a brilliant programme, but could it be extended to the annoying pop-up Slick Saving. Possibly there are others similar……

    Many thanks

  6. Funtastic !!! Great !!!

  7. Did not worked for me, still get oursurf in Firefox and Chrome

  8. great tool after a long search job, I would give you 10$ but my goverment prohibit me it

  9. Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Clement Gunguwo

    perfect solution for adware removal thank you

  11. Clement Gunguwo

    thank you very much

  12. Itz awsome, it worked on my system. Brought be out from a big trouble. Thanks to all contributors

  13. awesome! problem resolved 🙂

  14. very good program, tks

  15. Worked wonders!!

  16. Did exactly what I needed, quickly. I’m really appreciative of that.

  17. Fantastic result – cheers!
    Donation to follow 🙂

  18. Thank you this program is awesome. Wish I could donate to this cause.

  19. Super slow…

  20. Thanks a lot

  21. Thank you very much.

  22. Great …. all my problems solved …. thanks 🙂

  23. You software did unfortunately not manage to remove myway add-on to google chrome.

  24. Jiban Kumar Chakladar

    It is a very effective and reliable tool. Thanks;

  25. Great, fast and efficient tool, also very easy to use !

  26. Have Windows 7 ultimate & Mozilla.
    Adware: Delta-homes & Istartsurf… didn’t work at all.

  27. Thank a lot! great tool!

  28. great work… i wanted to kill delta homes

  29. a very good software really effective, and workgood thank you

  30. Thank You so much

  31. Now i am not in a position to donate you if i became an earner i will definitely donate you inshaallah. Thank you very much.

  32. Thank you. I’ll make a donation as soon as I can.

  33. Thank you very much

  34. This tool is really effective, simple and reliable. Many thanks for the developer

  35. not working with v9

  36. Judith Reynolds

    Thanks a mill! That tip’s worth a donation in itself! If it proves to have worked I’ll certainly send you one.

  37. Thank you so much! great work!

  38. Seems to work very well, thanks a lot.

  39. thanks lot for great help.

  40. I run your product the first time and it seemed to work but a week latter the adds came back so ran it again and finds nothing I run it four more time and it finds nothing and I still have adds every where on fire fox. What can be done???

  41. istart is still on my computer……..not fixed

  42. Amazing, thank you very much

  43. Stephenson Agbobli

    This Work! Thank you greatly!

  44. Dudeee.. g8 work.. it kept annoying me. Nw its cool… Thanks a lot bro.. 🙂

  45. Excellent. Great Job.

  46. Thanks You….

  47. so sorry i run it again worked like charm..keep up good work thank u

  48. Great
    thanks a lot

  49. Hi , you guys done a good job.

  50. Thanks a ton…awsm tool…. 🙂

  51. Fantastic. I love you people!
    Very happy to leave a donation!

  52. Can you tell me why all the browsers were ‘repaired’ except Mozilla Firefox? There is a red “X” by that one and a check by all the others. Thanks!!

  53. thank you so much for your help we are very great full for you

  54. thank you very much!! Its work like a charm

  55. this is awesome thank youuuuuu!!!!!!

  56. This is an excellent tool, however it did not work for me. Windows 8.1, My print spooler service will still not start. I have done a lot of research and nothing works!

  57. nagendra singh

    great thanks .

  58. This is a wonderful software! Helped me remove that Delta Homes garbage from my computer! Thank you so much.

  59. Thank you so much. All “deleting delta-homes tutorials” failed. Your tool did it.

  60. Worked great,and very fast….

  61. thnx a lot, it removed it same time

    m a happy man now

  62. it works thanks a lot …

  63. it works goood thanks a
    lot… when i will get job i will definately donate some

  64. Just Wordked!!! Thanks.Incoming donation.

  65. one of the most powerful adware remover….thanks a lot.

  66. Thank you guys


  68. Thankyou thankyou thnkyou thankyou!!!!!!!

  69. Rubbish scanned my whole pc with nothing else running. On finish it found nothing at all and this is the second try. Never again!

  70. You saved me from so much aggro! I tried all different programmers to get rid of delta homes (what a stupid name as well) and no luck until I found you! Thank you! 🙂

  71. Many thanks I had to run it twice from both IE and Chrome. Let see if it works on Chrome like it did the first time in IE.

  72. Thanks…however it did not work for me. I have run the Adware Removal Tool v3.9 three times and Mystartsearch is still displayed when I click on Internet Explorer v 11.0.9600. I am only running Windows 7 32 bit, MS Office and Norton Security 2015. I have also been unable to remove Facebook Quick Share and PPriceMinus. The first time I ran the Adware Removal Tool, it did remove 11 entries, but no more entries on two subsequent scans. Can you suggest anything else?
    Thank you…..John

  73. Awesome !!!
    Thanks 🙂

  74. Adarsh Srivastava

    Excellent Tools ,Appreciate it ,Give 5 Stars to it !!!

  75. Thanks, this progran helped me and also couple of my friends a lot.

  76. This program is the best, I tried thousand, Malware bytes, adw cleaner, spy hunter and none could remove delta home untill this one. Thank you

  77. It works pretty well to remove the “delta homes” from broswer.

  78. Fantastic tool.
    Great job, works very well.

  79. lot of thanks! it works!

  80. This is on point!

  81. Did not remove delta-homes virus from Mozilla Firefox

  82. This removed Delta-homes and this is great program.

  83. thank you so much I was getting sooo pissed at these fakes then I stumbled across this. I ran it and it was instant. at first I thought it was too good to be true then I went to my browser (IE) and shat myself that it worked. THAN K YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Thank you so much. It worked immediately. No more stress.

  85. this programm removed delta-homes from chrome thanks boys i wish i had my own money to donate!

  86. Any revolving animation is needed when the scan process is working. A progress bar is not sufficient in displaying whether the scan process is dead or working.

  87. if you did not intend to create this “deltahomes” page and sametime the software to remove it then i really protest…….but if you have made just the removal software……..then it’s really a Good Job

  88. damn this a good software. thanx.. any other way to donate?

  89. Thank you again for fixing my IE from delta homes trojan

  90. Great, thanks

  91. Thank you. Very good. It works well in my PC, here in Brazil.

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