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Customer’s Feedback:

  • Amazing tool, this was a really annoying add that the antivirus couldn’t get rid off, your software works really well thanks — Orlando Arcia.
  • Adware Removal Tool worked as advertised. It is a great tool. Thanks – Paul Tetreault.
  • Like using your free program. It catches a lot of “pup” items. Some of the other programs I’ve used did not. It is very thorough. Sorry, almost 80 years old and don’t know much about computers these days. – Adrienne M Gosling.
  • I use a variety of software on my laptop to keep it in good shape. They all seem to find and clean something the others missed. Adware removal tool is no different…it does seem to find stuff the other tools have missed which is why keep it….and have used it for some time. It is a great little tool to have in your PC tool kit….thank you.  – Darren Maher.
  • Best adware removal tool I’ve ever used. Always recommend it to friends and family. Never donated before as I was still studying then but will now as i have a job. I couldn’t recommend this tool enough. Thanks – Guy Gibson.
  • Thank you so very much keeping me from being taken advantage of as I’m 76 now and no where around tech savvy like I used to be. – William M. Griner.