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*** Comments Started on 11/30/2016  ***


  1. will see how it works

  2. so far it has cleaned the computer of adware, just have to keep on using it so see if it is completely gone.

  3. Found 19 threats, while other softwares found nothing. Thanks!

  4. Well done, nicely organized and easy to use. Thanks

  5. Thank you for this valuable service, I will tell everyone!

  6. you are best

  7. thx for removing the hijackers

  8. Clean scan, thank you

  9. I hope it works.

  10. Thanks for providing a simple tool to remove the self installing tick from my system

  11. do not know if the problem was solved or not

  12. it seems to have worked

  13. marthalmac39@att.net

    left computer while you were working. assume you were able to complete all that needed to be done

  14. it is slow and not sure about results as it is too soon to give an honest opinion

  15. Thankyou so much, this mail.ru sh*t is really annoying. and i just installed this and it is fixed. thankyou <3

  16. I think I like it

  17. Thanks so Much!

  18. Mr Raymond Harney

    Difficult to judge as this is written directly afterwards, so no chance yet to use computer, the personnel were very helpful & polite, informed all the way through the process which was excellent.
    Really need to give a proper feed back in about 3 to 5 days after having used computer, then will be in a good position to tell how well PC is performing.
    Thank you Raymond S, & the first lady I spoke to, can not remember her name.

  19. Thank you. Completed a scan but unfortunately Norton Safe search is still there.

    • You have to remove it (Norton Safe search) manually. Our tool doesn’t remove it because this is a most legitimate browser extensions. It is realted Norton Antivirus.

  20. scan just finished—found 28 objects—i deleted all reccommended objects—have not had oppurtunity to check function–will do tomorrow

  21. I was very pleased with the professional help I received today from Vinit Harpal. The best part was his
    allowing me to continue my work tasks while he cleared the viruses and unlocked my document files.
    Most of the time I have to sit by the phone and cannot get my many jobs related issues done, so his
    offer to call me back was really appreciated! He was very efficient and his manner most helpful.

  22. So far so good. Thanks

  23. did find 2 objects that other programs could not.Good job!

  24. Thank you for the tool.

    After scanning and removing one threat, I was directed to this page and immediately, the secure.net page appeared again.

  25. Great service just what I needed.

  26. very good site

  27. worked well thanks guys.

  28. Hi,

    The tool discovered the following:

    Adware.Trotux.com ->> Browser: Chrome ->> C:\Users\ramza\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\prerlasehasaghtplehotion\Secure Preferences
    Adware.Trotux.com ->> Browser: Chrome ->> C:\Users\ramza\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\prerlasehasaghtplehotion\Last Tabs
    Adware.pixel.Mathtag ->> Browser: Chrome ->> C:\Users\ramza\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\prerlasehasaghtplehotion\Preferences
    Adware.Trotux.com ->> Browser: Chrome ->> C:\Users\ramza\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\prerlasehasaghtplehotion\Secure Preferences

    The tool repairs the above but the problem is not fully solved. As the same occurs again once I start using chrome.

    This slows down my pc.

    Please help


    • Please rename the folder name “prerlasehasaghtplehotion” to “prerlasehasaghtplehotion_old” from following location. Make sure your chrome browser is closed completely. Here is the path where you can find this folder. C:\Users\ramza\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\ Then reboot your computer and do reset your chrome browser once. Please let us know the result as well.

      • Hi,

        I uninstalled chrome and did a new installation of chorme. The problem looks like solved. Thanks for the advice.

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