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Hi TS, After a successfull add remove, I think is was ” MY Something”  I suddenly got the “http://zeroredirect5.com/” on the toughbook. Just checked with ART, and it does not pick it up. Would you like help ( check my registry or where ever)with Teamviewer?

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Passbook Print

Dear Sir, I am a Bank Mitra of Allahabad Bank, Kiosk Banking When I print he Passbook then Message from webpage Error.[object Error] I uses pc operating System Windows 7 32 bit Printer Epson plq 20 model I request to you kindly help me.

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“svcvmx” adware

Your Adware remover tool can’t seem to remove this “svcvmx” adware crap from my files.Would appreciate any help I can get. Would love to get rid of it completely. 

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windows 10 default browser problem

When I am opening any browser my default browser opens and he opens 3 windows like http://zjstx.com/ http://ppgzf.com/ and after a time again opens 3 windows(they are not the same) they opens random. I was changing default browser I was searching viruses Please help!

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